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We will go over our various in house packaging options and prices for any custom packaging. Assist you in finding a label company.

Conditioner bar           wholesale

We use high quality oils and plant extracts for their therapeutic value. All are air cured, no quick hardening chemicals are used. 

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Body Butter   wholesale

Doerfler Mfg.


We will assist you in finding the most economical shipping option, including our corporate discounts for freight that we pass on at cost.

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We will go over your business plan and your geographical area to ensure there are no conflicts with current customers.

Wholesale solid shampoo bars

Bath bombs wholesale for Private label, buy bath bombs bulk and save 

Our conditioner bars provide deep conditioning, repairing the hair and facilitating optimal growth through scalp nutrition.
Natural detangler ingredients are built in, reducing your routine time.

Shea salt scrub  wholesale

 ​   Shampoo bar wholesale 


All natural, chemical free. Using only the finest grade oils and butters, no mineral oil. Long lasting moisture, the best body butter base that repairs your skin. Comes in great scents.

Discuss which scents you would like and in which products. 

Wholesale bath bombs
Wholesale salt scrubs

Bath bombs wholesale

Rejuvenate your skin with a fresh smooth glow. Gently remove dead skin cells with sea salt while moisturizing with Cocoa butter and Shea to give you touchably soft skin.


Scents & products


Our wholesale Shampoo bars are made from gentle Coco sulfate. Our wholesale shampoo bars out perform conventional SLS liquid shampoo, both in terms of performance and eco accountability.

We are the original U.S bath bomb supplier. We supply wholesale bath bombs direct. Our wholesale bath bombs come in various sizes, custom scents and color options are available.

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Wholesale body butter
Wholesale conditioner bars