The base formula for our wholesale bath bombs:

Sodium bicarbonate- Most commonly known as baking soda, this reacts with the citric acid to create the fizz. This is what also causes the water to become so soft.

Citric Acid- This ingredient produces our highest fizzing bath bombs. Our citric acid is Non-GMO , USP food grade. Other companies, primarily in China who make cheap bath bombs use a lot of corn starch as a filler and substitute for the more expensive citric acid to make cheap bath bombs. Not only does that make a bath bomb that doesn't fizz well as you have come to love, corn starch also makes it very weak structurally, very prone to breaking during transit, a big disappointment to everyone. We use the optimal amount of citric acid for the best fizzing bath bombs and strongest bath bombs for transit.

Pure Essential oils and pure Fragrance oil- We blend fragrances using both therapeutic essential oils and pure fragrance oil to make great smelling bath bombs. All of our fragrance oils are Phthalate free, phthalates are like the MSG of the fragrance world, they make a scent stronger and cheaper but at a health cost to you.  Our company has been a leader in chemical alternative bath products dating back to our inception over 20 years ago, we are very mindful of the risks associated with chemicals and strive to find natural alternatives to make truly beneficial products. Link to phthalate info

   We use fragrance oils for a few reasons, one is sustainability, it takes an inordinate amount of plant matter to make a few drops of oil, essential oils deplete natural resources. Rosewood, Sandalwood and Frankincense essential oils all harvest trees to obtain the oil, so much so that they are becoming scarce. If the scarcity wasn't bad enough it also raises the price of the undiluted essential oils hundreds or thousands of dollars per lb, adding significant cost to the bath bombs and incentivizing further depletion of natural recourses.

   Another concern with using only essential oils is that its a concentrated plant chemical with medicinal value, which is great on a person by person basis, we are huge fans but to sell them to everyone on the open market isn't a wise move. Strong essential oils can cause many allergic reactions. By analyzing and breaking down the essential oils into the elements they are composed of, identifying them and reconstructing them back in place with organic compounds, produces a more dependable fragrance oil for your customers. Focusing only on the scent structure that an essential oil produces makes stronger scents that carry over into a better aromatherapy, spa like experience for your customers. This all while keeping indigenous lands from being stripped. Well constructed fragrance oil can trigger the same aromatherapy actions in the mind, whether the calming of lavender or the invigoration of peppermint. We use a safe amount of essential oil for our scent blends to create the most authentic and robust scents, we don't make the laundry detergent smelling products that many other companies offer. 

​Food grade color and Oxides for natural bath bombs

  Oxides and ultramarines (color pigments) used to be mined but the FDA intervened due to purity issues, much like our fragrance oils, cosmetic approved colors have been made using organic compounds under a controlled environment to make sure there are no contaminants.  Iron oxides found in nature are often laced with toxic metals like mercury, arsenic and lead.  Only synthetically prepared iron oxides are approved for use in cosmetics in the USA.  FD&C colors are made the same way, to ensure there are no contaminants in food from color. Many of these food grade colors are also water soluble, very important for bath bombs or the color may not rinse away and you risk staining tubs, upsetting your customers. Food grade colors are the most stable for bath bombs, providing the best shelf life, herbs can interact with oxygen and moisture, deteriorating and looking quite bad.

  We also use Mica, which is safely mined and then coated with FD&C (Food, Drug and cosmetics) colors to achieve the shimmer in bath bombs. This can leave a glitter effect on the user so its not desired by all but can make for an interesting bath bomb choice.

​  Various herbs can be used to naturally color your bath bombs, many of these do leave specs in the tub and can be a nuisance to many, others can be infused into oil for a light color without the specs. Always need to be mindful of the diverse allergies your customers may have and the shelf life you want your product to have when selecting herb colors.

Some of our stocked wholesale bath bombs come with butters in them or they can be added for custom orders, these include: 

Cocoa butter bath bombs      
-Ployphenols give you antioxidant rich bath bombs.
-Helps skin lock in moisture by creating a barrier.
-Helps alleviate and prevent stretch marks when used daily.
-Naturally rich in vitamin E.
-Supports collagen, reducing wrinkles.

Shea butter bath bombs- Link to study on the benefits

-High in vitamin A and E to smooth skin.

​-Soothes inflamed skin to even skin tone and reduce blemishes.

-Boosts tissue cell regeneration boosting collagen.

-Penetrates deeper into the skin than most oils.

Coconut oil bath bombs

-Rich in many proteins for cellular repair, gives skin a glow.

​-High in vitamin E to reduce skin aging.

-Softens the heels and feet extraordinarily well.

Dead sea salt bath bombs are very popular and we add that as well. Link to benefits

European spa salts and Epsom salts are also very popular additions for natural bath bombs.

​There are many other oils and additives that can be worked into your private label bath line depending on your purpose.

We have worked with many customers to produce custom wholesale bath bombs that are geared towards sore muscles, sleep and relax, primarily though bath bombs have proven to be a fragrance driven business.

You can discuss with us your private label bath bomb market approach and we will assist you in using the best natural ingredients to make luxury bath bombs in bulk for your business.

We can also assist in solutions for packaging bath bomb gift sets.

​We are a bath bomb factory that offers many other great products for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle that delights the senses. Please look through our other products, if at any time you have a question, reach out to us, we are happy to help.

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Looking for bath bombs wholesale? We have stock options or they are customizable to any scent you would like, MOQ does apply . We have many great colors and scents to choose from. We offer wholesale bath bombs in 3 sizes. We use cosmetic approved colors at appropriate levels that won't stain tubs and result in many unhappy customers. Avoid eye candy that becomes an eye sore in the tub and detracts from a relaxing experience, requiring clean up afterwards.

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2.12 inch diameter

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9oz  bath bombs

3 inch diameter

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4.5 oz bath bombs

2.5 inch diameter

large wholesale bath bombs
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Medium wholesale bath bombs

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