Our wholesale shampoo bars are made with Sodium Coco Sulfate, a natural cleanser from coconut oil. No Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) Compare to Lush brand shampoo bars, our wholesale solid shampoo bars hold up better and are more natural. Sulfate has a bad wrap due to all the harsh variations out there, while you may want a shampoo without sulfate, try a coco sulfate shampoo bar and you will see that not all sulfates are the same. Think of it as blacklisting fat, but in fact some fats are very beneficial for you. Much like coconut oil is a good fat for you, this coconut derived shampoo bar is a great shampoo!

   Sulfates need to be balanced, they play a vital role, removing dead skin cells and dirty oils from your scalp. A build up of these can harbor bacteria and fungus that can cause dandruff and itchy scalp. You need a sulfate that can remove these but don't want too strong of a sulfate that will over strip your hair and scalp and cause irritation in many sensitive individuals.

Our wholesale shampoo bars are the perfect balance needed to accomplish this.

   Whats the difference between Sodium lauryl sulfate bars and our wholesale Sodium Coco sulfate shampoo bars? The short answer is that our wholesale Coco Sulfate shampoo bars are gentler on your hair and skin than SLS bars. 

     Both SLS and Coco Sulfate are derived from coconut, but Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is lab altered, removing  some of its fatty acid chains, raising ph, so it will strip oils at lower concentrations. This harsher version is made primarily for floor cleaners and detergents, due to its effectiveness at stripping and removing oils. Because SLS is a lower price, it has found its way into 98% of shampoos so companies can save money.  When applied to your head, it will also strip your skin of vital oils, causing itchiness, allergic reactions and overall poor scalp conditions. You need globs of conditioner to remedy this, with our matching wholesale conditioner bars it merely takes a thin coat to condition, since your hair was never stripped of oils in the first place. Oil stripping from SLS also accelerates hair loss and breakage from hair that is weaker and more brittle. Granted, you can add more coconut oil to SLS bars to counteract this but there are other reasons that Coco Sulfate is the clear choice.

    The process of removing some of the coconut fatty acids from the longer chain to make SLS, naturally makes the particle size smaller. This smaller particle size is small enough on the Dalton scale to be able to get into your pores, this can cause irritation with sensitive individuals. Our wholesale shampoo bars that are made with Coco Sulfate are considered more of the "whole food version" with the longer fatty acid chains intact, being too big to get into your pores.

    Our wholesale shampoo bars made with Sodium Coco sulfate not only have the natural balance of fatty acids that your hair and scalp crave intact, but we also enrich our wholesale shampoo bars with other natural oils for the optimal fatty acid profile for your hair. Our wholesale Sodium Coco shampoo bars are gentle and often diluted and used for baby shampoos.

    Our wholesale Coco Sulfate shampoo bars are highly concentrated, giving you the richest lather possible of any shampoo. Safe for permed and color treated hair also.
   Coco sulfate doesn't cause breakouts like those that can be had by some with sensitive skin to SLS. Because there is no bottle its also very eco friendly, a true green shampoo and airplane friendly, no tossing out or leaks in bags anymore.



Wholesale Shampoo Bars

​   Our wholesale shampoo bars use coco sulfate. The main concern of Sulfates as of late has been where they are sourced from and how they are processed as well. This plays a big part in whether a sulfate is considered good or bad. Just like saturated fats, some come from animals and some from a plant, both are fats, one is harmful and one plays a crucial role in your overall health and well being, the same is true with sulfates.

  Some sulfates come from petroleum and have harmful byproducts and contaminants that are associated with petroleum and have rightfully caused concern as attention has been drawn to environmental contact and the effect on human health. Our wholesale shampoo bars come from the coconut's fatty acid profile and are minimally processed, leaving the whole fat chain intact, resulting in a wholesale shampoo bar that doesn't strip your hair's natural oils such as the overly processed SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). The over processing of SLS makes the chains very small, small enough that they can enter your skin and cause irritation in sensitive individuals, especially when the SLS is made with petroleum byproducts and the smaller chains have contaminants. Coco sulfate that we use in our wholesale shampoo bars, is more of a whole food, intact and balanced version from the coconut. This also results in fuller, longer fatty acid chains, which have larger particle size (Dalton size) that isn't able to enter your pores and cause irritation in sensitive individuals.

  Sulfates play a very crucial role in scalp and hair health, in our wholesale shampoo bars they are responsible for the suds, sulfates remove the buildup of dirt and old oils that can harbor bacteria and yeasts. This buildup can lead to dandruff any many other negative scalp conditions and discomfort such as itching and redness. Sulfate free bars don't have the same ionic charge to attract dirt and oils and rinse them away like our wholesale Coco sulfate shampoo bars do. Many experience extreme itchiness after a few weeks of use from festering buildup from sulfate free products, caused by the effect they have on the skin's microbiome.  Hair texture is reported as being negative in many as well with sulfate free shampoo. Sulfate free shampoo bars can be good for babies since they have a high skin cell turnover naturally so they don't have the buildup issue, whereas adults can find it problematic to have weaker shampoo. Some say that it's better for colored hair, that's not the case though, the color fade is the same in sulfate free and coco sulfate, we have many firsthand reports from our tests and much has come out about it since then.

  Sulfate free bars have a chemistry that breaks down scent as well, shelf life is often around 6 months, by the time customers get a bar it can smell quite bad since many sulfate free ingredients smell bad in their natural state as well, this also has been a complaint of many who try a sulfate free bar. Our wholesale coco sulfate shampoo bars have had rave reviews and many have found after trying many other bars, hoping to get on the eco friendly front, that our bars made this a very enjoyable experience and are even better than their previous shampoo.

  We have seen the claims from those selling sulfate free shampoo bars, to lump all sulfates as bad, we assume that it's to try to stand out from the others as more and more companies carry coco sulfate shampoo bars. The scare tactics of sulfates is misinformation, which is a shame, considering just how good these naturally derived oils perform, are highly sustainable, are vegan, non petroleum and reduce plastic waste the world over.

    We have heard from countless people who have tried wholesale solid shampoo bars from various sources and had a bad experience and were about to give up on the notion. If you have had a bad experience or are just curious, please reach out to us to arrange a sample, you have come to the right place :)

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