Cocoa butter
 Cocoa butter is very moisturizing and is one of the base moisturizers in our wholesale shampoo bars and contributes to ideal scalp conditions that support cells and keeps your scalp balanced. This results in longer cell life, shorter cell life manifests itself as dandruff and shows other signs such as itchiness, hair loss and hair that breaks or splits all too easy.

Wholesale condition bars

Jojoba Oil   

    The composure of Jojoba oil is nearly identical to that of the natural oils/sebum found on your scalp. Jojoba oil has the ability to dissolve dirty sebum and take its place with fresh clean oils. This keeps your hair shaft unimpeded for maximum thickness of your hair.
   Most shampoos strip sebum without restoring, this will throw your scalp out of whack, your scalp will struggle to restore the oil and  goes into overdrive, this is a big cause of oily hair. Jojoba oil helps maintains an ideal equilibrium.  Great add on ingredient for wholesale shampoo bars that balance oily or dry scalp.

    Not your typical conditioner, this conditioner isn't watered down cream, its purely concentrated with natural oils, butters and extracts to nourish your hair and scalp. It only takes a very thin coat on your hair to achieve great results, especially when its used with our gentle Coco sulfate shampoo bars that don't strip your hair like conventional shampoo. You need less conditioner with our gentle shampoo bars.

Coconut oil​

     Sodium coco is derived from the coconut so coconut oil finds itself right at home in our wholesale shampoo bars, synergistically  working with the other parts of the coconut . Coconut oil has the ability to penetrate all layers of the hair shaft and restore moisture. It helps your hair in another way too, it helps your hair preserve protein, lauric acid protects against protein loss. This not only makes it stronger 
and less opt to break but more protein means fuller hair. At a microscopic level this fills in and smooths hair, this imparts shine.

Behentrimonium Methosulfate

​This ingredient may  sound menacing, as often scientific names do, did you say "Metho" and "Sulfate" ? That sounds like a very ramped up sulfate

Hemp seed oil
    Hemp in essence is the perfect food. It’s perfectly balanced in all amino acids, with the correct carbohydrate ratio and the essential fatty acids that your body cannot create on its own. It's been added to our hair care products for that reason, hair and scalp food. It supplies your hair and scalp with the building blocks needed for repair. The essential fatty acids also reduce inflammation, Inflammation reduces blood flow, obstructing vital nutrients from reaching  your hair, which can and will if left untreated result in loss of hair.

Another great add on ingredient for our wholesale shampoo bars.

Other ingredients can be added such a pro B vitamins, proteins, herbal extracts, compose your own shampoo bar based on
your companies needs. We can make the wholesale shampoo bar thats right for your companies goals, MOQ apply.