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    Selling bath bombs wholesale is something we have offered since our inception over 20 years ago. We make the highest quality bath bombs in bulk on the marketplace.

  We have an in house R&D department, constantly coming out with new innovative solutions to the pressing needs of your clients and wow them as well.

   A doctorate of science and an in house aesthetician work together for natural formulas that out perform their synthetic counterparts. 

Your bath bombs wholesale source

  • Low minimum order quantities available.
  • Highest quality ingredients that pass rigid Whole Foods Markets standards.
  • Flexible packaging and scents available.
  • Quick order fulfillment. 
  • 20+ years experience.
  • Wide range of products, saving you shipping costs from multiple sourcing.
  • Stand behind our products with money back, no fuss guarantees. 
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Here at Doerfler Mfg. Inc. we are dedicated to you and your passion for natural personal care products.

We've been around for over 20 years, seeing our clients grow to achieve their visions and we could not be prouder of them!

  • Guidance from an experienced company in the industry.
  • Feasible entry level orders, freeing up your financial resources.
  • Quick order fulfillment, allowing you to replenish stock quickly.
  • Free one on 1 consultations and support. We will assist in locating any third party resource needs such as: labeling, packaging,  order fulfillment centers for overseas customers.
  • Flexible packaging/container options to allow you to streamline your look for continuity. ​