Sea salt polishes your dead skin off, revealing fresh radiant skin.

Cocoa butter, Shea butter and cottonseed oil give your skin ultimate moisture.

This scrub is emulsified, rinsing away better, unlike traditional scrubs that make shower floors very slippery.

 Shea salt scrubs provide the most gentle and effective exfoliation of dead skin cells possible, revealing vibrant fresh skin and allowing it to breathe and detoxify naturally. This luxurious blend of natural oils leaves your skin polished and glowing and unlike other oil based scrubs, does not result in hazardous shower floors when used in moderation. The oils in our wholesale salt scrubs are able to be rinsed off with water, not water proof like typical oil scrubs. This emulsification process greatly reduces slip and falls and subsequent injuries that regular oil scrubs pose risk of.

     Many skin conditions are tied to the accumulation of dead skin cells, over stimulated growth and not exfoliating properly. This buildup can cause inadequate oxygen reaching your skin and harbors bacteria, especially triggering eczema and psoriasis as well as acne. Sea salt not only clears dead skin cells, its antiseptic properties keep harmful bacteria in check. 


Shea sea salt scrub